WebSalat Köln

Ingenieurbüro für Systemprogrammierung, Internet- und Webgestaltung

Gesellschaftsform: Kleinunternehmer
Gemäß § 19 UStG enthalten Rechnungsbeträge keine Umsatzsteuer
Steuernummer: 218/2054/3910

Kontakt: info(at)



2 Gedanken zu „Impressum“

  1. Thanks for the praise, unfortunately I am probably not the right person. For a long time, I’ve been dealing with WordPress for a while, but there are also off-the-shelf blog software. I would start there.

    Greeetings from Cologne /Germany

  2. Thank you for your tipps. My webside is not importand for my „business“, ist’s only a short description of my work. For the real business, I use other ways of contact.

    But always it’s good to read cntent remarks,
    thank you from Cologne /Germany

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